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Make Your Move is an effort from Missoula’s Intervention in Action Project, a group of community organizations dedicated to ending sexual violence. Its campaign’s goals are to: 1) Engage men and women as allies to prevent sexual violence by increasing awareness and education about the dynamics of sexual violence and 2) Encourage bystanders to foster healthy non-violent relationships and interrupt attitudes, language and actions that support sexual violence.

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Comments on Daehyun, Hyorin, and Ailee’s continuous high notes make me laugh. All of a sudden everyone becomes an expert in vocals and starts talking about how if they continued hitting high notes it would damage their voices. They all forget that these idols have vocal trainers and that it’s their job to take care of such things. You’re only a teenager you obviously don’t know how training works.


((((((((this is a website))))))))))

((((((((((stop taking everything seriously))))))))

((((((stop caring about follower count))))))

(((((((((((((unfollow people if you dont like them)))))))))))))

(((((((((don’t whine if someone deletes your comment)))))))

((((((dont b an asshole and send hate))))))


(((((((((supposed 2 b fun)))))))


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